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Phoenix (Christian Petzold, 2014)
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:50:PM »

Christian Petzold re-teams for the 6th time with the exquisite Nina Hoss for this film set in post-war Germany. Hoss plays an Auschwitz survivor who has had facial reconstruction surgery and hopes to reunite with her husband who no longer recognizes her. There’s one hitch though, it is likely that it was her husband who betrayed her to the Nazis. What follows is a tense cat and mouse game with implausible twists and turns leading to an unforgettable climax. Hoss is brilliant in the lead role and is ably supported by Ronald Zehrfeld as the husband. Petzold was an interesting find for me and I look forward to his other works having watched “Barbara” before this which was completely different in tone and atmosphere. Give this one a try and “Barbara”as well.

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Re: Phoenix (Christian Petzold, 2014)
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I watched this at DIFF and hated it. It has absolutely no thrills and I don't understand the love for it. The story is implausible. I never for a minute believed anything that happened. Ridiculous and overrated.
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