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The Chemistry of Common Life (Fucked Up, 2008)
« on: February 17, 2011, 04:04:AM »
Fucked Up (The Chemistry of Common Life, 2008)

Am I too old? I like rock, but punk like this album sounds a bit same-y and a bit unnecessary rah-rah to me. The album is, as far as I can gleam from the reviews, a more complex version of punk music, which I guess it is, and what makes it more interesting than most punk albums. Aside from 70s punk though, which was always the best form of punk. Raw and without pretense.

From what little I read on it, each track has been worked really hard on, without sometimes dozen guitar tracks added to it. But to my untrained ear, I couldn’t tell. Frankly, I’m not even sure I understood that trivia correctly, because it doesn’t sound that complex to me.

1)Son the Father: Starts slow and scream, punk song starts, a usually typical punk/metal style, but I like it here. Best song of the album.  4/5

2) Magic Word: Fast and strong, but not without a structure, which I like.  4/5

3) Golden Seal: Just instrumental and not a punkish one at that. I’m all for diversity but I feel it kills the pace of the album. 2/5

 4) Days of Last: Nothing significant here. Move along. 3/5

5) Crooked Head: I’m start to lose interesting at this stage of the album.2/5

6) No Epiphany: 2/5

7) Black Albino Bones: The guest vocals add a bit of diversity to the normal punk vocals, which is a small plus. 3/5

8) Royal Swan: Like the previous song, “Black Albino Bones”, the guest vocals, which this time are female vocals, bring an extra dimension to the song, and it works even better this time. 4/5

9) Twice Born: 2/5

10) Looking for God: An instrumental similar to their song, the third track, “Golden Seal”, both songs are out of place and uneventful. 1/5

11) The Chemistry of Common Life: Album’s longest song, 7:24, a bit unorthodox for a punk band, but not necessarily that good as a long song, or a song to end the album with, and a song to name an album after. 2/5

Average Song Rating: 2.63

Diversity:  While it does sound more diverse than a typical punk album, it still doesn’t have that much of a diversity, given that it’s still punk music. 0/1

Atmosphere:Felt it wasn’t raw enough to get me to lose myself in the music. 0/1

Listenability: Rarely, if ever, feel like really listening to the album. 0/1

Average Bonus Rating: 0

Total Album Rating:  3 (2.63)
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