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.:Last Movie Watched:.
« on: July 28, 2006, 12:51:AM »
Discuss the last random flick you watched, and recommend it!

I'll start:

Dark City - weird. I found it SO cheesy. Why am i randomly picking up flicks related to memories?! And the screenplay's by David S. Goyer, wow! I knew him from Batman Begins, but when I searched on imdb for him, I got this...
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Re: .:Last Movie Watched:.
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2006, 10:13:AM »
You know, as much as I LOVE having a thread where people can just post the last movie watched, I personally prefer to have individual threads where people can talk specifically about one movie.

A single threads diffuses the focus.

One of the reasons for this board's creation was to allow room to talk about individual movies. Now that we have many board sections, not having more new threads as opposed to a single *hot* thread will not be using the board's capabilities.

I imagine it will be easy for people to just click this thread and post some random thoughts about a movie. For a new member - in say 2 months - he takes a look at this "Last Movie Watched" thread and sees 20 pages within it, you can bet your favourite coffee mug that s/he will be not go through all these pages! It's a disservice to the uninitiated.

But I can understand we're all kind of used to this sort of thing from that *other* place. ;)

I'm spliting your Dark City comment into its own thread, so that people here can maul your verdict on the great film!